We all know what Coronavirus is and the negative financial state it has left every indivisible during this lockdown. I bet most firms has started sacking most of their staffs because their is no money to pay their salaries. Some financial institutions in Nigeria even reached an agreement on slashing 40% from their staffs salaries.

This lockdown has even made many businesses to stop functioning e.g Restaurant, fast food, retail stores. The only place you can get things are those selling essential goods on the street.

Many individuals are so scared on how to stay fit and healthy, how to survive.

I like to tell you this, use this lockdown to make money in a legitimate way. Take action this minute. Don’t dwell on the worst case of Coronavirus. Add value to yourself (AVY), be creative, strong and wise(CSW).

So what are the 8 things you can do to make money this Period?

1. Cleaning services: With this you can make cool cash by offering professional cleaning like sanitizing offices, restaurants and homes because it’s in high demand. Many individuals wants their surroundings to be sanitized almost everyday in order to prevent covid-19.

2. Meal prep delivery services: Many top brands for meal preparation and delivery are really making it because people are spending more time at home and no longer spend their time at the restaurant. Even small businesses that also offer meal preparation and delivery services are seeing increase in demand.

3. Bread baking: Coronavirus has really made most people to spend time at home cooking and baking.  You get to see different types of recipes and shapes of breads and doing this has really helped to relief stress. Stay at home moms are really creative in baking. 

4. Mask making: Did you know that Ondo State in Nigeria has enforced wearing of face masks for all individuals due to covid-19. So the demand for it is very high. Nobody wants to get infected.

5. Set up a content and web development business: You can actually offer web and content development service to anyone through online tools that make developing beautiful websites snap. Some of the resources are WordPress, Weebly and Joomla.

6. Use symposium to teach online: One of the simplest ways to make money online is to become a tutor. But with social distancing, many online tutoring websites may see an influx of new applicants.

Symposium offers the perfect solution for stay at home job seekers whereby they can teach anything like teach people how to survive during Covid-19, how to improve your immune system, how to prepare for quarantine, DIY crafts for children. Symposium is like a combination of YouTube and Facebook live. Your money can be transferred to your debit card or PayPal account once your lesson has ended.

7. Customer service Representative: During this Pandemic period, most firms need great customer service representatives to receive call. Customer service representatives interacts with customers to handle complaints, process orders and provide information about an organization’s products and services.

8. Telehealth Nurse: Another way in which you can make money this period is by becoming a telehealth Nurse! Telehealth Nurse assist patients over the phone or through video chat. They help patients decide whether they need emergency treatment, make an appointment with doctors or if they can treat themselves. What am trying to say is that many health Managements, companies and insurance brands needs registered nurses to handle cases and other valuable tasks during this lockdown.

Final Note:  Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands Everytime with clean water and soap! Remember avoid going to a crowded places because you are likely to come close contact with someone that has Covid-19! 

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