Many writers are opting to do freelance writing due to the monetary advantage. Then there are the ones writers who are fearful of doing ghostwriting in the worry of being conned.

I’m here to inform you that there are a whole lot of legitimate freelance writing gigs accessible and that you can make a whole lot of money doing so.

However, there may be a catch. Understandably, maximum writers want a reputation for his or her writing, for you to make a name for themselves within the industry. Unfortunately, with ghostwriting, you are giving your patron all of the rights in your paintings. You will no longer receive reputation for writing, however, alternatively, you’re compensated financially.

It is crucial to understand if you are cushty with the regulations of ghostwriting, earlier than you get into it. While you await your career to take off, this is a fantastic way to make cash. You can usually construct a call for yourself outside of writing for others. It is hard to start out getting cash for your own, however with these options, you are capable of achieving this quickly. Find a ghostwriter website and begin to practice!

While you may be worried that this is a step-down, but it’s honestly simply another road of writing. As writers, we realize that it is able to be tough to make money in this industry, but we need money to live and this is a first-rate choice to make a few cash even as doing what you love.

Here are some of the first-class freelance ghostwriting jobs to be had online.

1. Freedom With Writing:

Freedom With Writing is a super website that advertises splendid jobs for freelance writers and they ensure to best put it up for sale the pleasant. You need to go together with a reputable internet site when looking for ghostwriting opportunities. With the amount of scams online, you can be assured that this website does no longer fall underneath that category. The jobs that they put it up for sale help ghost writers earn respectable coin and write for a whole lot of different guides and niches.

2. BlogMutt

Another incredible internet site for writers searching out paid paintings in the United States is BlogMutt. It is essentially a network of writers for lease and an area wherein organizations, who don’t have the time, resources or understanding to write the posts themselves, come to get content material for their website. BlogMutt fits those groups with writers that suit into their niche.

Many website owners and bloggers use this web site to advertise any new jobs they have available and you may significantly advantage via popping in every day. While some websites don’t replace regularly, which can be significantly disappointing for writers who need work to survive, this website updates each day and the jobs on there are amazing. Go test out this website and you will now not be disappointed.

3. Upwork

Many freelancers use Upwork to make full-time earnings due to the amount of work there’s to be had there. I have by no means been on Upwork on the hour without a brand new job no longer being advertised. There are extra than a million messages exchanged every week, which helps you to recognize that writers and web owners are busy. I constantly see ghostwriters for hire Nigeria or content material writers wanted on an everyday basis. This occurs at the hour and it is an outstanding location to make some more cash. Even though it is not smooth locating high-paying clients, you can honestly make a full-time income through this internet site in case you are smart approximately it.

4. Guru:

This internet site has been around for a long time and is stated to be as exact as Upwork. There are a ton of jobs published every day, so you probably won’t be left without work for a long term. The customers of this internet site have earned over $2 hundred million, which says plenty about the fulfillment writers are achieving. The clients are inclined to pay for excellent paintings and you only need one threat to affect your clients. Competition is fierce on this internet site, however, you’re just as right as any of the writers on this website. All you need is your first customer, write properly content material and you are equipped to take over the writing world.

5. Freelancer

A lot of writers are locating achievement on Freelancer, as it is the go-to region for many clients in want of an excellent creator. Jobs are posted at the minute and they’re plentiful, that means you will without a doubt find what is proper for you. Most of the jobs are for writers and programmers, so it fits perfectly for a person seeking to locate freelance writing paintings. With the amount of jobs posted day by day, this is additionally one of these websites wherein you may make a full-time income on just one internet site. It takes time to construct a popularity and clients are a chunk weary of newbies. Just preserve in mind that everybody turned into a beginner once and a lot of them are now successful ghostwriters.

6. Writology

This internet site is exceptional for clients and writers alike and because recognition is given to both aspects of the coin, all of us who uses the platform seems to be happy. You need to feel like you’re part of an online network and you’re able to get that feeling with Writology. You are rated with the aid of your clients, so a good rating commonly means that you’ll be hired once more by using different potential clients. Many writers work for the identical purchaser for a long term. There isn’t any purpose to cease your contract when you are doing an excellent job. It takes time to construct a dating of consider with clients, however, it is not impossible. Do the fine you can and you’ll certainly have more work than you have time for.

7. HireWriters

There are freelance writers who prefer this website to locate work, however, you have to be inclined to paintings for a minimal rate. If you’re desperate to begin earning money, you will really find paintings in this internet site. You simply have to determine on what pricing structure you want to work. There is not any want to stick to the expenses the website offers, due to the fact your relationship with your purchaser is personal. Show the purchaser how nicely you write and they’ll pay you something to maintain your writing for them. With time, you may be able to locate a number of appropriate gigs on this website.

8. Toptal

This list would now not be entire without citing Toptal. You can earn respectable residing writing for the clients on this internet site. The only hurdle may be which you need to be accepted earlier than you could paintings for everybody on there. They are looking for elite writers and boast about it lots. This is due to the fact they assure the clients that they’ll be working with experts, so you have to prove that you are a great author. There is nothing to lose and I would genuinely apply to be indexed on their website.


Finding work as a ghost author has by no means been easier. With all the blogs and webpages on the net, you may make a number of money writing. Businesses are knowing the significance of content marketing and are seeking out true writers to develop their corporations and site visitors’ stats. This is where you are available with your exceptional writing skills.

Do no longer let fear forestall you from throwing your call inside the hat. You don’t have anything to lose and only plenty to gain. If you do now not efficaciously ebook your first job, simply remember that you could constantly observe for the following one. With those websites presenting new positions every day, there’s sufficient work to go round. I hope you discover your best freelance writing job.

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