Blogging has become more and more popular in Nigeria. Several years ago, blog didn’t exist in Nigeria but today, we have over 150million blogs.

Here are the benefits of blogging :

1. You become a better writer: An active blogger spends his/her time writing. The more you blog, the more you write.

2. Your blog gives you strength/power to inspire, educate and bring like mind people together.

3. You can earn trust simply by demonstrating your commitment to your readers.

4. Blogging will turn you into a deeper thinker, no matter what you blog about. By analysing yourself, your ideas, you will without doubt become a deeper thinker.

5. Blogging improves your memory and encourages you to explore your emotional life in healthy ways.

6. Blogging is a great hobby because it helps you to be creative. It occupies you always you away from bad habit.

7. Blogging allows you to express yourself and teach people how to express themselves. Do you know that if you take your time to blog, people will enjoy coming and reading.

8. You can promote change and achieve your goals of making an impact with your blog.

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