You know that moment when you realise that something in your team isn’t quite? Sometimes you’re the only one who sees it too. It’s never a fun feeling, but often, you’re ability to spot the problem can be put to good use. Today we find out how via a 2019 post by independent product leadership coach and author Petra Wille.

In The Secret Weapon of Retrospectives – the Team Radar, Petra discusses the Team Radar, a great retrospective method to use when faced with a team that’s not as receptive to feedback as you might like.

team radar tool
The Team Radar consists of an “eight-legged spider” graphic with labels for each leg or axis, and a scale for each of these axes

There’s a saying from the world of coaching that springs to mind here: “You can’t push the car you’re sitting in.” It’s the same principle – if, as a product manager, you spot patterns emerging before everyone else, it’s because you’re not really a part of the team. And that’s an advantage you should put to good use.

Read The Secret Weapon of Retrospectives – the Team Radar in full and explore more great content in our Sunday Rewind series.

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