Get professional designs in less time! Check out these incredible event flyer templates.

Make 2022 a year to remember! Kick off your festive celebrations with modern event flyers that are stunning and surreal.

Today we bring you another wonderful collection of design assets from Envato Elements and Envato Market. This selection includes creative event flyers featuring the latest trends in graphic design.

Craft Fair Flyer TemplateCraft Fair Flyer TemplateCraft Fair Flyer Template
This craft fair flyer template is one of the thousands of event flyer designs available on Envato Elements.

With choices ranging from awesome vintage-inspired templates to beautiful minimalist designs, you’ll be happy you went with these flyers. Take your events to the next level with these easy-to-use templates!

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18 New Event Flyer Templates From Envato Elements

Do you use design software on a daily basis? Are you constantly looking for the best event flyer designs? You need to check Envato Elements out.

This subscription-based marketplace is the best source of event flyer templates, graphic templates, premium fonts, add-ons, and more.

Enjoy unlimited event flyer templates with your Envato Elements subscription.Enjoy unlimited event flyer templates with your Envato Elements subscription.Enjoy unlimited event flyer templates with your Envato Elements subscription.
Enjoy unlimited event flyer templates with your Envato Elements subscription.

For a flat monthly fee, you can download unlimited modern event flyers and all the creative digital assets you need for your projects.

Let’s see 15+ of the best event flyer designs you can find over at Envato Elements:

1. Book Fair Event Flyer Set (AI, PSD)

If reading is fundamental, so is this book fair flyer template set. The event flyer design comes with three flyer files for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that are fully customizable. A print-ready artboard size layout is included. You can also promote the event online with the social media flyer template.

Book Fair Event Flyer Template SetBook Fair Event Flyer Template SetBook Fair Event Flyer Template Set

2. Fashion Flyer Template (INDD, AI, PSD, EPS)

Love geometry and cool flyers? Then check out this template! It’s double-sided, with plenty of room to showcase your photographs. This modern event flyer design is such a versatile one too; theme your photographs to create an entirely different look and feel, if yellow isn’t your jam!

Fashion Flyer TemplateFashion Flyer TemplateFashion Flyer Template

3. Wedding Flyer Price List (INDD, PSD, PDF)

Looking for event flyer layout ideas for a wedding? Whether you’re looking to distribute information for your wedding guests or you’re looking for a template with a soft, welcoming vibe, this template is a great choice! With pretty, gentle flourishes and five different front and back design combinations to choose from, there’s so much to work with here!

Wedding Flyer Price ListWedding Flyer Price ListWedding Flyer Price List

4. Amara Spring Flyer (INDD, AI, PSD, EPS)

This modern event flyer design has so many fun pops of color! Use it to get the word out about your business, sale, or other special interest. Just add your photos and your content to easily customize this flyer. This event flyer design could be the perfect jump start for your next design project.

Amara Spring FlyerAmara Spring FlyerAmara Spring Flyer

5. Event Management Flyer (INDD, AI, PSD, EPS)

Maybe your event has a lot of content to distribute to your attendees or interested parties. Why not consider cool flyers that can easily hold more information? This trifold design is fun, colorful, and easy to use. Not only that, this modern event flyer is editable in so many different applications!

Event Management FlyerEvent Management FlyerEvent Management Flyer

6. Fashion Flyer (INDD, AI, PSD, EPS)

This best event flyer design has a lot of contrast, and it makes for a clean, classy look! Whether your focus is fashion or you’re just looking for a sophisticated aesthetic, this one might just fit the bill! Add your logo and customize the colors to suit your professional brand. 

Fashion FlyerFashion FlyerFashion Flyer

7. Minimalist Music Event Flyer (AI, PSD)

Need event flyer layout ideas that are attractive yet simple? This brilliant minimalist flyer template has just the right balance of design and color. Use it for any jazz, club, or party event and easily update the text with editable layers. Download it now to try out the 100% vector design. It’s an example of the good event flyers on Envato Elements.

Minimalist Music Event FlyerMinimalist Music Event FlyerMinimalist Music Event Flyer

8. Karaoke Flyer Template (PSD)

Everyone needs a fun night out every once in a while. Celebrate great music and even greater company with this karaoke event flyer. This flyer comes with a print-ready file in a standard A4 size. Get free fonts and more when you download these cool flyers.

Karaoke Flyer Template Karaoke Flyer Template Karaoke Flyer Template

9. DJ Minoly Poster (AI, EPS)

Stand out from all the other DJs in town. This fun modern event flyer features A3 sized posters with four color variations. Replace the main image with one of your own and match the colors to your brand. Give it a try!

DJ Minoly PosterDJ Minoly PosterDJ Minoly Poster

10. Indierock Event Flyer (AI, PSD)

Indie rock fans, unite! We’ve got a wicked flyer ready for your next musical event. This modern event flyer design features minimalist text and elements centered around the main microphone. Update this event flyer design with your information using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Indierock Event flyerIndierock Event flyerIndierock Event flyer

11. Craft Fair Flyer Template (PSD, EPS, JPG)

Help your community get crafty with this awesome flyer template. This modern event flyer design is pretty universal for any art or craft event and can be edited fast to save valuable time. Download this super clean design to get access to four Photoshop files. 

Craft Fair Flyer TemplateCraft Fair Flyer TemplateCraft Fair Flyer Template

12. Toy Drive Flyer Template (AI, PSD)

Make a child’s day today! Get your friends and community together for a special cause with this flyer template. Designed with friendly stuffed animals and more, this flyer is one that both kids and parents will love! Download A4 sized templates supported by Photoshop and Illustrator.

Toy Drive Flyer TemplateToy Drive Flyer TemplateToy Drive Flyer Template

13. Music Event Flyer (AI, EPS)

If a clean and professional design is what you need, then feast your eyes on this stunning example! This lovely event flyer features a relaxing color scheme with a gorgeous, minimalist guitar. The multipurpose design is well organized and even includes free fonts and icons!

Music Event PosterMusic Event PosterMusic Event Poster

14. Raising Voices Flyer Poster (PSD)

Or raise your voice with an inspiring design. Inspired by the latest trends in 3D and pastel graphics, this flyer template is so beautiful and also well organized. Modify the images, colors, and text quickly, so you have more time for event planning. Check it out!

Raising Voices Flyer PosterRaising Voices Flyer PosterRaising Voices Flyer Poster

15. Motorclub Event Flyer (AI, PSD)

Tell your buddies to tag along for a fun motor club event! This awesome bundle includes Photoshop and Illustrator supported files that are 100% vector. Also included are free fonts and helpful bleed lines for your convenience. 

Motorclub Event FlyerMotorclub Event FlyerMotorclub Event Flyer

16. Electro Beat Music Flyer (PSD)

Music festival flyers get the community excited about local events. Now you can add something to the mix with this electric music flyer template. Great for DJs or party promoters, this template is simple and easy to use. Add it to your collection!

Electro Beat Music Flyer Electro Beat Music Flyer Electro Beat Music Flyer

17. Movie Fest Flyer (PSD)

Movie nights are the best nights! This Photoshop template is perfect for beginners to flyer design. Choose from the red, green, and blue colors included or update it with your own in minutes! Not sure where to begin? Just access helpful documentation to help you get started.

Movie Fest FlyerMovie Fest FlyerMovie Fest Flyer

18. Happy Hour Vintage Flyer (PSD)

Or promote your local specials with this vintage flyer. Designed using Adobe Photoshop, this flyer is print-ready, with bleed lines and more. Easily change the colors or edit the text to your liking. Try it out today!

Happy Hour Vintage FlyerHappy Hour Vintage FlyerHappy Hour Vintage Flyer

Awesome New Event Flyer Templates for 2022 From GraphicRiver

If you want to dive into even more options and you don’t need an all-included subscription, I’ve gathered some top event flyer layout ideas and creative event flyers from GraphicRiver. 

Buy modern event flyer designs one at a time from GraphicRiver.Buy modern event flyer designs one at a time from GraphicRiver.Buy modern event flyer designs one at a time from GraphicRiver.
Buy modern event flyer designs one at a time from GraphicRiver.

1. Vintage Summer Event Flyer (AI, PSD)

Our next design features a beautiful vector illustration of a calm vintage summer scene. Use it for your next tour or festival by swapping out the event details for your own. Get access to Photoshop and Illustrator files in one easy download.

Vintage Summer Event FlyerVintage Summer Event FlyerVintage Summer Event Flyer

2. Birthday Invitation Flyer (PSD)

Your birthday is a special event, so celebrate it with all your loved ones! This modern design features two well-organized flyers with easily editable layers. Just swap out one of the images for one of your own to get started right away! 

Birthday Invitation FlyerBirthday Invitation FlyerBirthday Invitation Flyer

3. Artist Event Flyer (PSD)

Promote your gallery event with style. This next flyer template is great for artists and creatives. Just add your image to the center portrait before including the details you need for the event. This download comes with two Photoshop files, free fonts, and more.

Artist Event FlyerArtist Event FlyerArtist Event Flyer

4. Church Themed Event Flyer (PSD)

The world could use a little more peace. Spread love with this spiritual-themed event flyer. Designed with a peaceful landscape and sublime color scheme, this flyer is 6×8 inches with all the standard industry specifications. Use it for conferences, events, or prayer services.

Church Themed Event FlyerChurch Themed Event FlyerChurch Themed Event Flyer

5. Music Event Flyer (PSD)

Need to promote your next gig? Bring a wider audience to your open mic or music festival with this event flyer template. This template features two background options along with easily editable smart objects. Helpful instructions are also included.

Music Event FlyerMusic Event FlyerMusic Event Flyer

6. Business Event Flyer (PSD)

Business events bring creative entrepreneurs together. Now you can start your own with this stylish event flyer template. Following the latest trends in minimalism, this template features beautiful gradients against a dark background. Update it fast in Adobe Photoshop.

Business Event FlyerBusiness Event FlyerBusiness Event Flyer

7. Winter Sounds Flyer (PSD)

If you’re having trouble deciding on a design, then try some good event flyers like this one. This stunning creative event flyer features a winter theme with beautiful abstract elements. Easily switch out the text for your own and choose from the three lovely color variations included.

Winter Sounds FlyerWinter Sounds FlyerWinter Sounds Flyer

8. Sky Zeppelin Flyer Template (PSD)

Vintage music enthusiasts will definitely love this Sky Zeppelin flyer. It works perfectly as an event flyer or as a cool decoration for your home or office. And since it’s created in traditional CMYK format, you won’t have to worry about loss of color or quality. 

Sky Zeppelin Flyer TemplateSky Zeppelin Flyer TemplateSky Zeppelin Flyer Template

9. Ice Skating Party Flyer (PSD, JPG)

Get ready to lace up your ice skates for a magical time! This party flyer features a sleek and minimalist design with ample room for your event details. It’s designed with Adobe Photoshop, and you’ll get one other color variation with helpful bleed lines. Download it today!

Ice Skating Party FlyerIce Skating Party FlyerIce Skating Party Flyer

10. Inuti: Abstract Party Flyer (PSD)

Or blow away your party-goers with an epic abstract design. This party flyer is best suited for high-energy techno music. The full package includes not only a professional A3 Photoshop poster, but also a web banner template. You’ll want cool flyers like this!

Inuti - Abstract Party FlyerInuti - Abstract Party FlyerInuti - Abstract Party Flyer

11. Running Event Flyer (AI, PSD)

Kick off your special cause with an afternoon of running! This next event flyer template is great for beginners to design. It features well-organized files that are easy to customize. Get access to two flyer templates available in both Photoshop and Illustrator formats for under $10!

Running Event FlyerRunning Event FlyerRunning Event Flyer

12. Multipurpose Splash Music Event Flyer (PSD)

Multipurpose designs give you room to take your flyers to the next level. This colorful event flyer and social media package is a surefire way to kick-start your online campaigns. Enjoy high-quality A4 and letter format designs, with additional templates for Facebook and Instagram. 

Multipurpose Splash Music Event FlyerMultipurpose Splash Music Event FlyerMultipurpose Splash Music Event Flyer

13. House Party Flyer (AI, PSD)

Did someone say house party event flyer layout ideas? Invite your friends, family, and favorite Photoshop instructor to the party of the century with this awesome 80s-inspired design. Made to look like a blast from the past, this trendy design is nostalgic and fun. You’ll love this template!

House Party FlyerHouse Party FlyerHouse Party Flyer

14. Music Event Promotion Kit (PSD)

Get an entire promotional kit with this great deal! Packed with loads of awesome resources, this kit includes two print-ready Photoshop flyers, a Facebook cover, and an optional Instagram banner. Easily arrange your content with editable layers and text. Try it out!

Music Event Promotion KitMusic Event Promotion KitMusic Event Promotion Kit


This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. For additional help with your flyer needs, enlist the skills of a talented professional by choosing one of the amazing designers from Envato Studio.

And with loads of modern event flyers available at your fingertips, chances are we’ve missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Market and Envato Elements for more creative event flyers.

Love flyers? Check out these resources and tutorials for more!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel.

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