When we talk about Product Managers, we hear the terms logical thinking, and problem solving a lot.

Connecting the Dots

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Connecting the dots across walks of life, across industries and across Products is what helps a Product Manager, really Productize!

A good example is the famous Swiping mechanism that many Products across industries borrowed from Tinder.

Scalability and Repeatability

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Product Ideas always need to be tested in the crucible of Scalability and Repeatability before meeting their makers.

Legs in Present, Hands in Future

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Every feature is an investment. Investments are always made with future in mind.

You are managing a cab-hailing Product. Today you created the perfect single-click cab booking experience. Tomorrow you decided to become a one-stop solution for booking any vehicle.
Booking trucks for shifting houses might not be as simple as booking cabs.

Unnecessary Experience overhauls creates a high cognitive friction for users.

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