In this week’s episode:

Lenny Murphy, is joined by Talia Parnass, former Senior Lead of Trends & Campaign Management at Pinterest to discuss creating higher quality, more relevant content that’s truly mapped to consumer demand.


Three topics we’ll explore:

  1. The Pinterest Predicts annual global trends report that reflects the dominant search trends of more than 400 million users worldwide
  2. How brands are leaning into the trends and movements that Pinterest Predicts accurately forecasted in order to drive powerful business results
  3. The reason Pinterest’s revenue is growing despite its falling stock prices, and what brands can learn about creating more valuable and profitable user experiences

Many thanks to Talia, for being our guest. Thanks also to our producer, Karen Lynch, our editor, James Carlisle, and this episode’s sponsor, Perksy.


Producer’s Note:

Talia has since left her role at Pinterest and joined Reddit – feeling inspired by both teams to live her best life and create the work she loves.


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