With the increasing demand for mobile apps and simplifying the business process, the demand for blockchain technology is also increasing day by day. Every blockchain development app company is gaining popularity each day. With the blockchain industry gaining importance, the need for it is also increasing. The internet started off with being used for sending emails and reading articles. And now, it has advanced into a new section involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Most of the top companies these days prefer blockchain technologies now. For Instance, companies such as IBM, Samsung, etc., are investing a huge amount into these blockchain development companies to make their ledger accounts manageable.

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Decentralized apps are a kind of digital program that exists in the Blockchain domain. These programs work on a peer-to-peer network of computers rather than a single computer which is the case of many other apps. These apps include a wide variety of services which include mining services, cryptocurrency wallets, etc.

Entrepreneurs have been investing heavily into Decentralized apps because the estimated users of this are supposed to be high by the end of the year 2022. Examples of decentralized apps are PokerKing, Zeus Exchange, Cryptokami.

Benefits of Decentralized Apps:

  • Internal Currency usage.
  • It prevents data from being stolen since it is decentralized.
  • Open-source code.
  • Decentralized consensus mechanism

Blockchain development companies help in making digital identity apps with the help of the decentralized platform that is being provided. Digital Identity apps are basically the apps that help people to verify their identity in different apps, bars, and many other places that require it. This gives people a much better and faster option of verification. With everything in the world slowly turning digital, digital identity apps are much needed and important.

There are many companies that focus their blockchain development services on the development of Digital Identity apps. Many entrepreneurs have now been trying to invest in this and maximize their profits.

Examples of Digital Identity blockchain apps are uPort, Yoti, Bitnation, etc.

Benefits of Digital Identity Apps

  • Secure way of managing user identity.
  • Self-sovereign identity
  • Non-custodial logical solution.

Supply chain management apps are the ones that help companies to streamline their ledgers and also direct the route of their activities. Almost every blockchain consulting company focuses on these kinds of apps because of the rising demand for this among the top companies of the world. The estimated revenue out of supply chain apps by the year 2025 is estimated to be over $22 million.

In recent times, supply chain management apps have become one of the most widely used and produced apps by every emerging blockchain solution and service provider. This is because of the demand from large corporations for their ledger needs. Examples of this are IBM, Samsung, and Maersk.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management Apps

  • It lets you handle your product with authenticity.
  • Helps in Inventory management
  • They ensure security and scalability
  • Cloud-based mobility

Making apps for the government is certainly not the easiest thing to do. The security and the privacy of the citizens need to be ensured when such apps are made, especially when making voting apps. This is where the use of Blockchain technology comes in. The problem with this is that it can be easily manipulated by the authorities and can be very time-consuming, but blockchain solves both of these issues.

Another benefit of such apps is the transparency they provide to the citizens of that country. But building a voting app might not be the easiest of things; it requires the help of blockchain application development services.

Some of the common examples of these apps are Voatz and Follow My Vote.

Benefits of Government Voting Apps

  • Secure and transparent
  • Immune to manipulation
  • Streamline process.
  • Decreases audit burden

Tracking your order is so much easier with the help of apps, isn’t it? Blockchain technology is now being used in the transportation sector, making it easier for order transition, tracking, and delivery. This is a very competitive industry, so many companies use blockchain development services to streamline their activities. These transportation companies also require proper decentralized systems to keep their ledgers in check.

Investing in the development of such an app might be very profitable for you in the future. The estimated growth in this is $3.1 billion by the end of the year 2023.

Benefits of Transportation & Logistics Apps

  • Reduces tiresome transportation processes.
  • Simple approval
  • It has reduced transportation costs.
  • Coordination of documents

The need and importance of Blockchain development and the endless possibilities of what you can do with blockchain technology do not cease here. This is why Blockchain app development companies are thriving every day and have the potential to make our lives easier in years to come.

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