“To change a system, you must first understand it,” In this Sunday Rewind post, we look back to when Leyla Acaroglu opened with in the last keynote session at #mtpcon London+EMEA Day 2 to discuss creating a sustainable future. 

She said to use Systems Thinking to understand the relationships in a sustainable future before creating solutions.

Everything that we do is interconnected and has an impact on the environmental future. She said that we need to have a more holistic approach when looking to find a solution for sustainable futures.

Leyla said that the best way to predict the future is to design it — redesign the way we create value.

In closing, Leyla encourages us to rethink and reframe sustainability, understanding how it’s all our responsibility — “something we need to integrate into the DNA of everything we do, because ultimately, the challenges that are in front of us and not just climate change, or the next pandemic.”

The process, she says, can be both enjoyable and valuable for businesses and individuals, “as individuals, and we as designers have the power and capacity to change the world and I truly believe that if you don’t change this decade, if companies do not take this on, that they won’t see it into the next decade. And I also truly believe that we have the ability to design a better future. And the reason we should do it is because we live in f**king magic”.

Watch this amazing talk by Leyla in full to gain insights into designing a sustainable future.

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