Let’s discuss why story mapping is needed to create a shared understanding of how your team can focus on the right user stories.

The “Map” that so many product teams are missing, is collaboratively wrought user stories

  1. As a product manager you are not giving yourself the required time to think through who your users are, what they want, and how these wants thread into a narrative journey through your product. And because of this, you have no way to create any kind of up-front iterative release strategy, because you don’t have a holistic picture of their journey.
  2. You never took the time to create a shared understanding amongst the larger team (which includes anyone involved with the creation of the product as well as internal stakeholders). Many of us think that detailed documentation in JIRA or Confluence, or a 10 page product requirements document is what is required to create shared understanding, but it isn’t. Documentation is never a proper stand-in for conversation.

Documentation is never a proper stand-in for conversation.

So how do we keep from falling into this trap? The answer is deceptively, embarrassingly simple. Talk to each other!

Your designers and engineers will love you.

Your customers will love you.

You boss will love you.

You need to define a product development process that includes story mapping.

You need more time.

You need the time of other people.

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