1. users who left during the month and divide it by
  2. the sum of users you had at the beginning of the month
  3. plus the amount of new users acquired throughout the month.
App churn rate formula: How to calculate your app’s churn rate.
  1. Screen Flow helps you understand how users navigate through your app. Identify the screen’s transaction patterns, and discover problem paths that require optimization.
Screen flow, also known as App navigation shows the different paths users take.
  • Crashed sessions
  • Video sessions
  • First sessions
  • Short sessions
  • Offline sessions
  • Subscription type — whether the paid subscription is billed monthly or annually
  • How long the user has had their subscription
  • Cancellation reasons
  • Buttons tapped
  • Completed actions
Tracking Successful Signup events in UXCam’s analytics dashboard.
  1. Go to Heatmaps.
  2. Filter down to the screens that have the highest quit rate.
  3. View the shortlisted heatmaps and see where users are focusing their attention the most.
  4. Click show only rage taps.
  5. Watch the session to better understand the situation.
  • Screen entry to better understand the user environment and how they got to the problem screen.
  • Engagement time can help you identify which pages the users spend the most time on.
  1. App engagement rate: If users aren’t engaging with your app, it’s a tell-tale sign they may have lost interest. Benchmark metrics include time-in-app, user data (DAU, WAU, MAU), number of logins, feature rates, and conversion rate.
  2. App retention rate: This is the number of users who keep coming back and engage with your app over time. It’s typically measured in 30 days and 7 days.
  1. Look at the common flows within your app.
  2. Explore the cancellation flow within your app.
  3. Track what screens users visit, and send custom events to UXCam to know what buttons they tap, what actions they complete, and any other details you want to be aware of.
  4. Segment your users by the user properties that best apply to your product.
  5. Analyze the cancellation process and dig deep into the details.
  6. Make changes to your app based on your findings. Once a new version of the app has been released, compare the user behavior with that of the previous release.
  7. Iterate.

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